I treat people from all walks of life, and all ages, from a stressed executive not sleeping, to a couple not conceiving, an exhausted Mum, or an adolescent struggling emotionally.  Often people seek treatment at a difficult time in their lives.


We make a treatment plan together, catered specifically for you from the therapies that I offer and I may make suggestions on diet and lifestyle. I am committed to helping you in every way I can.  If I feel something else would help, I can refer you to a practitioner from a wonderful network that I have built up over 30 years of practice.  The most important thing is finding the best way for you to return to health, balance and vitality.

Please phone for a free telephone consultation to discuss how I may be able to help you.


Sarah's Acupuncture has changed my life.  Not only is she a skilled practitioner, but she's sensitive and intelligent, someone who communicates well and it's because of this that she gets such great results from this ancient practice.  I have recommended countless friends and clients to her and have had nothing but great feedback.  

- Marina Fogle, Founder, The Bump Class