Living a very busy life combining travel, work and being a mum had left me depleted of energy, with sleep problems. Sarah's kind, perceptive, enquiring manner combined with her excellent treatment cured my insomnia and helped me turn a corner personally and professionally.

I always leave her feeling refreshed, revitalised, optimistic and with something interesting to think about! I could not recommend her more.

ACA, brand consultant

Sarah is amazing. She is incredibly intuitive, informed, brilliant and has seen me through a lot of things, both good and bad. I come away from my sessions with her feeling so much better than when I arrived and without fail, she tunes into whatever it is that needs sorting out.  

I've been with Sarah now for about 10 years and testament to her is that I have moved over 200 miles away but whenever I am in London, I go and see her. Over the years I have recommended her to many friends and colleagues, all of whom have found her as fabulous as I do. Life with Sarah and both her acupuncture and cranial in it is a much better life. I cannot praise her enough! 

CJ, North Yorkshire


I started going to Sarah after having tried for nine months to get pregnant with my 2nd child. The doctors had diagnosed me with polycystic ovaries and were about to start me on some medication. I warmed to Sarah straight away as she spent our first session asking me about my personal, physical and emotional history and background. She is someone who manages to mix total professionalism with a great deal of warmth and humour. We embarked on a weekly course of treatments. After each treatment I left Sarah feeling balanced, calm and re energised (in my mind a miracle in itself given my highly strung character!).

I fell pregnant within three months of having acupuncture but choose to continue seeing Sarah throughout my pregnancy. Both my pregnancy and birth went smoothly. My daughter was a very calm baby who fed well. I truly believe that the acupuncture played a large role in this. Two years on and I continue seeing Sarah on a monthly basis. It is no exaggeration to say that acupuncture has really changed the way I feel and the way I deal with stress. I would be lost without it!



Sarah's Acupuncture has changed my life.  Not only is she a skilled practitioner, but she's sensitive and intelligent, someone who communicates well and it's because of this that she get's such great results from this ancient practice.  I have recommended countless friends and clients to her and have had nothing but great feedback.  

Marina Fogle, Founder, The Bump Class


Sarah is a highly gifted practitioner. She is incredibly intuitive, kind, wise and makes her environment feel safe and cosy. I feel truly fortunate to be treated by her.

Lucinda B

I would strongly recommend Sarah - she helped me rebalance both my body and mind during a period of my life where I felt particularly stressed and tired. She always seemed to pick up on specific issues and treat them accordingly. She creates a very calming environment and if I lived closer, I would see her much more often.  



Sarah came highly recommended to me after I miscarried. She helped me tremendously during that time and subsequently as we tried to conceive again. She is a sensitive, warm, thorough and precise practitioner. 

I always enjoy going to see her, in part because the positive effects are felt afterwards but also because she is such a lovely person to talk to. My husband is a huge fan also. Even our newborn has had a Sarah session.

Celina St G

I can’t tell you how reassuring it is to have Sarah involved in my healthcare. I so look forward to seeing her as she has the amazing gift of being both professional and personal at the same time, very comforting particularly when you are unwell. 

My treatments have been truly successful and in several instances over the years life changing. . Having had the benefit of her skills for many years now, I take great delight in sharing the secret of her with anyone who will listen and have many friends who are equally grateful for her help.

Amanda Powell, Director


I have been seeing Sarah Collison regularly for the past seven years. Initially struggling with terrible bouts of panic attacks and left exhausted by the birth of my first child, I found with Sarah a very confident experienced therapist.

She was fully available and thoroughly explored every aspect of my health to tailor a therapy which has worked wonders in restoring my well being. I am grateful to the friend who introduced me to Sarah and, in turn, warmly recommend her practice. Beyond the immediate effects of her treatments, she also guides me towards the empowerment of greater self-knowledge.  

I have since had two more children and cherished Sarah's support during my pregnancies and after the births. Our regular appointments are something I always look forward to, for what is now, a fine tuning of one's health and a valued support in dealing with life's ups and downs.

Emmanuelle Chiampo

An intuitive and caring professional - Sarah has treated me (when needed) for over twenty years. I have complete confidence in her ability to determine the cause of the problem and treat accordingly whether that be Acupuncture - Craniosacral Therapy or Gua Sha Massage. A true friend indeed.
Suzanne France - Dance Teacher

I have only had good experiences with Sarah. She has an incredible understanding of how layered we are as human beings.

She's also helped me as a musician to release tension from muscle over-use in a way that osteopathy and massage have never been able to. Her acupuncture and gua sha treatments are always absolutely spot-on. I really can't sing her praises enough!

Natalie (professional musician)


Sarah has worked at the 240Project, a centre for vulnerable and excluded people, for the last five years. Her gentle, caring manner and her expert skills have brought pain relief, stress reduction and a sense of balance and calm to many of our members. 

I also enjoy the benefits of Sarah's group and find it gives me a period of tranquillity during a busy day. The acupuncture group has proved to be one of our most popular with people coming to see her every week without fail because of the enormous help she has given them over the years. 

Claudia Mower, Manager 240Project


Sarah Collison treated me when I was going through the menopause.

I can honestly say that I had none of the usual symptoms that are common in this period. I can fully recommend her to anyone.

Sarah has also treated minor injuries that I have had with an excellent result. Further more her Craniosacral treatments are also very powerful.
Sarah treats at a homeless project. She helps so many people.

Kirsten Tormod Pedersen

I first went to visit Sarah for my chronic hayfever several years ago.  I was desperate, and not convinced acupuncture could help but I would try anything.  She sorted me out within a few weeks, and this was the beginning of a long and happy relationship during which time she also helped diminish my severe tinnitus, and enabled both my pregnancies to go smoothly and happily.

I honestly believe Sarah is a miracle worker, and tell everyone about her.  You couldn’t know what a relief it was to have both the hayfever and tinnitus reduced to manageable levels, and I give all credit to Sarah.

Alice Hudson, London W6.


After knowing Sarah for many years, and personally experiencing her wonderful work, I was very happy to invite her to join me as acupuncturist and therapist, to the group I was teaching on a Yoga retreat in Morocco..
As I anticipated, everyone adored her for her expertise and her personable vitality.  Her intuitive skills and scientific application are a wonderful healing for the body, mind and spirit.

Hilary Cartwright


Sarah was recommended to me after my second panic attack.  She helped me get myself back to full working order.  I still see her when I need a MOT.  She is fantastic.  I send all of my clients to her too, and every single one of them has come away commenting on how amazing she has made them feel.

If she ever leaves London… I’m going with her!

Tara – Band Manager