Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a therapy where it can look like nothing is being done but so much can happen! 

What makes us alive?  Inherent in all of us, and all living beings is a generating and life-maintaining life force, called the Breath of Life.  All living beings express this life force in rhythmic motion, like an inhalation and exhalation.   Dr William Sutherland, a US osteopath in the early 1900’s discovered the expression of this motion in the body tissues and called it Primary Respiration. 


As Craniosacral therapists we listen deeply to your body, not just your words.  The body guides us to a treatment specific to you and also determines the pace which is perfect for you.

The expression of Primary Respiration in our bodies is essential to our

physical health and vitality

mental clarity

emotional well-being


Trauma, knocks and falls, illnesses and emotional shock can all affect the expression of this life force in our system.  Craniosacral therapists are trained to listen to the expression of Primary Respiration and facilitate the body’s own inherent intelligence to return to a full expression of health, balance and vitality.

What does a treatment look like?

You lie fully clothed on a couch. I apply a very light gentle touch to the body and we settle deeply together.  Most people enter a deep state of relaxation, often falling asleep, or entering a dream-like state.  Some people become aware of subtle sensations of movement  in the body.  There is often a sense of something having happened but we’re not quite sure how to define it.  The work is often very moving and can feel very profound.  The sense of settling, and deep relaxation can extend into daily life.